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Crushed Aggregate Base Course Specification XpCourse

crushing aggregate for base course pdf SECTION 304. SECTION 304 DIVISION 300-- BASE COURSES SECTION 304 -- AGGREGATE BASE COURSEDescription 11 This work shall consist of furnishing and placing base courses on apreviously prepared subgrade or course as shown on the plans or as ordered 12 This work. Item 247 Flexible Base - ftp.dot.state.tx.us Secondary aggregate base courses. Anticipated revisions to specifications. Preferred Aggregate Base Courses . Aggregate Description . Tables 1 and 2, which begin on page 5, compare the material characteristics of MnDOTs lass 5 aggregate and the preferred base course aggregate from eight of the nine responding states.


4-304.00 computations for soil -cement base 4-307.00 computations for bituminous plant mix base (hot mix) 4-309.00 computations for aggregate -cement base course - limestone 4-309.01 computations for aggregate -cement base course - gravel 4-312.00 computations for aggregate -lime-fly ash stabilized base course chapter 4 - flexible surfaces Crushed Aggregate Base Course Specifications for Pennsylvania DOT. Aggregates are materials such as gravel, sand and crushed stone that provide an important ingredient in concrete. An aggregate base course is the layer of soil installed between the surface pavement layer and the foundation soils of either asphalt or concrete pavement. (If two layers of aggregate base courses are installed ...

PDF Evaluation of Compacted Aggregate Base Course Layers

FAA ITEM P-209 CRUSHED AGGREGATE BASE COURSE 209-1 DESCRIPTION 209-1.3 This item consists of a base course composed of crushed aggregate base constructed on a prepared course in accordance with these specifications and in conformity to the dimensions and typical cross-sections shown on the plans. 209-2 MATERIALS 209-2.3 Crushed aggregate base. AGGREGATE BASE AND SUBBASE COURSES 02621.01 GENERAL A. Description Aggregate base and subbase courses shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, furnishing and placing one or more courses of aggregate, including additives when required, on a surface prepared in accordance with the Contract Documents. B. Related Work Included Elsewhere 1.


A. Aggregate Base Course shall be a minimum of 3 thick compacted Class 6 Base Course as Specified in Section 32 11 23, installed at 95% relative compaction on top of subgrade. B. Make any corrections necessary to base furnished and installed under Section 31 23 00, Earthwork and Trenching and Section 32 11 23 Aggregate Base Course to bring ii. Sample investigated is from the stockpile and in-place limestone aggregate base course. iii. Properties of limestone aggregate base course to be investigated is the Atterberg limits i.e. one of the requirements in the standard. iv. The negative impact will be the swelling of the limestone aggregate base course.

Preferred Aggregate Base Courses for LowVolume

Aggregate Base 5-6 Aggregate Subbase 7-8 Asphalt Cement (PG XX-XX) 30 ... Mineral Aggregate for Asphaltic Concrete Friction Course (ACFC) 12 Mineral Aggregate for Asphaltic Concrete Friction Course 15 (Asphalt-Rubber) AR-ACFC ... Crusher Belt or Stockpile At start of production, then as material changes. Optimum Gives a relative measure of the resistance of an aggregate to crushing under gradually applied compressive load. The aggregate crushing value should not be greater than 30% for the surface course and 45% for the base course Impact Test. Gives a relative measure of the resistance of an aggregate to suddenly applied load.


Aggregate is also used for base and sub-base courses for both flexible and rigid pavements. Aggregates can either be natural or manufactured. Natural aggregates are generally extracted from larger rock formations through an open excavation (quarry). Extracted rock is typically reduced to usable sizes by mechanical crushing. Sep 12, 2015 Aggregate impact value (W1/W2)*100. Aggregates to be used for wearing course, the impact value shouldnt exceed 30 percent. For bituminous macadam the maximum permissible value is 35 percent. For Water bound macadam base courses the maximum permissible value defined by IRC is 40 percent. Also read Impact Value Test Procedure of Aggregates. 4.

Graded Crushed Aggregate Base Course Method Statement

to 96 percent of Bituminous concrete and about 70 to 80 percent of Portland cement concrete. Aggregate is also used for base and sub-base courses for both exible and rigid pavements. Aggregates can either be natural or manufactured. Natural aggregates are generally extracted from larger rock formations through an open excavation (quarry). Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) test indicates the resistance to crushing under gradually applied crushing load. It is measured as percentage of aggregates passing through 2.36 mm IS sieve after specimen subjected to a compressive load of 40 tonne at the rate 4 tonne per minute and to the weight of aggregates taken.


Aggregate Material Property Specified Threshold Values Minimum 10% FACTa 110 Maximum aggregate crushing valueb 29% Liquid limit 25 Linear shrinkagec 2% Plasticity index (PI) 4 a 10% FACT (fines aggregate crushing value) is the force in kilonewtons required to crush a sample of aggregate passing the 13.2-mm and retained on the 9.5-mm sieve so ... * Glass must meet certification requirements on the Grading and Base website. Combine glass with other aggregates during the crushing operation. If material 20% RAP and/or Concrete, Class 5 crushing requirement is met. If material 60% RAP and/or Concrete, Class 5Q crushing requirement is met.

Successful G1 Crushed Stone Basecourse Construction

903.04-Aggregate for Lean Concrete Base. Aggregate for Lean Concrete Base shall consist of crushed limestone, crushed slag, crushed or uncrushed gravel meeting the requirements of Subsection 903.05, for Class B, Grading D. The aggregate may be a crusher or Manufactured Aggregates Quarried Aggregates produced by blasting and crushing rock deposits Crusher Run Aggregates natural aggregate crushed to provide a material with a given maximum size contains both crushed and uncrushed particles Section 2 - 4

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hma base crushing, modified and aggregate base course - 3.5 miles . board of county road commissioners . of the county of berrien . 2860 east napier avenue . benton harbor, mi 49022 . 1-269-925-1196 or 1-800-442-0734 . 1 outlined in Item 230.5, of Crushed Aggregate Base Course. 231.6 Measurement. Cement Stabilized Crushed Aggregate Base, will be measured by the square yard of material, furnished and compacted in place and to the thickness specified, or as shown on the plans.