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processing methods of ferrochrome slag

Recovery of alloy from Ferrochrome Slag Ferrochrome

Ferrochrome smelting slag processing line is mainly to recover the valuable ferrochrome alloys from the slag in a forms that will be as far as possible directly saleable. This production line is now producing saleable ferrochrome containing less than 2% slag at a recovery of over 96% of liberated metal. Water absorption of ferrochrome slag aggregates as per IS 2386(III), 1997 is found to be 1.15% and 0.42% for water cooled ferrochrome slag and air cooled slag respectively. (C.R. Panda, K.K.Mishra, B. Nayak, 2014) 3. CHEMICAL PROPERTIES The chemical composition of ferrochrome slag aggregate is shown in Table 1.

Basics of slag production Article on the slag industry

Sep 15, 2015 1. Introduction. Ferrochrome slag is a waste by-products in the manufacturing ferrochrome at 1700 C, then water quenching.When 1 t ferrochrome are produced there will generate about 1.11.6 t residual slags .The slag presents porous and hard appearance, the bulk density is 26322913 kg/m 3, when they are crushed to a size of 520 mm, it has a strength of about 25 MPa. Low carbon ferro chrome production process. There are two production methods for LC ferrochrome. 1. High carbon ferrochrome refining method. Refining high-carbon ferrochrome with chrome ore. To obtain low-carbon ferrochrome. 2. Electrothermal method. Under the condition of making alkaline slag in the circuit, the silicon in the silicon-chromium ...

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The ferrochrome slag is having a porous and hard surface which can be crushed to make fine or coarse aggregates based upon the particle size of the slag. Usage of ferrochrome slag up to 100% ... 12%. The discovery that dry pulverizing of slag and ore converts Cr-III to Cr-VI may be very important during steps such as ferrochrome recovery from slag and end-uses of crushed slag. When metal recovery from slag is part of the production process, contaminated water is also produced and may require treatment.

A method of processing a mixture of solid slag

(57) Abstract Use for processing slag dump of Ferroalloy production in the metallurgical and other industries. The inventive method for processing a mixture of solid slag metallurgical production includes crushing, sieving slag into small, medium and coarse, magnetic separation of the fine fraction, magnetic separation medium fractions, subsequent pneumatic separation medium fractions and ... 1.4 The ferrochrome production process - How is slag produced? The typical process by which ferrochrome and its by-product or waste slag is produced can be outlined as follows-Chrome ore is mined from underground and opencast mines. Two underground mining methods can be employed at Chrome mines namely conventional scraper mining and trackless ...

Utilization of ferrochrome wastes such as ferrochrome ash

processing needs to be taken into account, now granulation of ferrochrome slag.4 If extra processing would anyhow be part of waste treatment of previous product system, CO2e emissions of extra processing can be ignored.4 Results and discussion Results Calculation shows that carbon footprint (CO2-ekvivalent) of OKTO structure is only a Production of high carbon ferrochrome (HCFeCr) produces by-product, ferrochrome (FeCr) slag1. The FeCr slag utilisation has been reported for example in road construction2, brick manufacturing3 and in cement industry4 as a base layer material in road pavements. In the recent studies by Kumar et al. 5,6 the utilisation of FeCr slag


Oct 27, 2011 Slag from the production of ferrochrome is also included here this material is produced in substantial tonnages and the main use of ferrochrome is in the steel industry. Slags also arise from other processes, particularly the smelting of non-ferrous metals, but these materials can be very different and each needs to be studied individually. Feb 01, 2019 Methods are analyzed for stabilizing self-disintegrating slags in melting low-carbon ferrochrome, and the main reasons for breakdown are considered. Four methods are shown for stabilizing oxide melts of which a promising method for preventing breakdown under contemporary production conditions for chromium ferroalloys by mixing melts is a reduction in the content of


Slag production is relatively higher for low-carbon ferrochrome (LC FeCr) (2.42.5 tons of slag/ton metal), but the global annual production was only 0.9 Mt in 2018 . In Europe, steelmaking slags are used predominantly as aggregates in road construction (46%), with smaller quantities used in processing methods of ferrochrome slag. yangyang080. March 2, 2014.SSINA Stainless Steel Glossary. D. Deburring Removing the subtle ridge from the edge of strip metal that results from cutting operation such as slitting, trimming, shearing, or blanking. Read more.

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Figure 4. Due to the difference in experimental methods, conditions, as well as the slag analysing methods, there seems to exist a great discrepancy in the oxidation state of chromium in the slag. Figure 5 shows a comparison of the activities of CrO. A general consistency of the activity values can be observed from the figure. May 07, 2021 The technologies for processing waste of ferroalloy production and substandard raw materials at developments of Russia were described by authors. The data on measuring the slag viscosity of the CaOSiO 2CrO system are presented by authors of 15 extracting chromium from high-carbon ferrochrome slag by magnetic separation is in 16

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erroFchrome slag is a leftover of the production process of ferrochrome, a crucial alloying element for the production of stainless steel. The material properties of these slags show excellent properties for reuse in the construction industry. South Africa, the leading producer of ferrochrome does not take ad- The invention is directed to a process for extracting a metal from a slag containing said metal, wherein the liquefied metal-containing slag is heated in at least one electric arc furnace (1, 2).In order provide an improved method for recovering especially copper from slags, the invention provides that the metal-containing slag is heated in a first furnace (1) constructed as an AC electric ...

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The most common recovery process is to crush the slag (in the case of the first slag-handling method) and recover the alloy particles in a wet jigging process. In particular cases where the high carbon ferrochrome is sufficiently magnetic, magnetic separation techniques can also be applied. The quality of the product from the recovery process ... In the pyro m etallurgical processing o f ferrochrome, slag is obtained as a solid waste which ha s historically been dumped, piling u p in large quantities without a ny pollution pr evention ...